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Hello all and welcome to my new photography blog!.. talking about everything Real Estate Photography and beyond!...I will be giving Tips and Tricks to anyone and everyone who wants to learn and grow as a photographer!.. Learn light composition.. the rule of thirds.. how to use your camera to get the most out of light and compositions... and the basics of Photoshop and Lightroom as well!... follow this link to my Meetup Group to join in and have me guiding you to photography greatness!... Charleston Online Photography Learning Classes Meetup Group I have been photographing Real Estate and the history of Charleston SC for over ten years and would love to pass on the knowledge that I have acquired over the years... so come and join me.. I welcome all questions tips and knowledge from you as well... lets make this a family oriented community of shooters!... WELCOME!... Below are some of my work from over the years in the Charleston area .. take a look let me know what you think and